Carpet cleaning- Elimination of puckers and bumps on the carpet
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Carpet cleaning- Elimination of puckers and bumps on the carpet

The carpet may become cockle in the time of ruffling. This problem can also appear in the carpet structure due to the contradictory pressure. There are several procedures for correction of crimping carpets and make them flat including use of tape, in the exposure to sunlight, and placing heavy objects on the carpet. In following some other methods have been described which helps to flatten out the damaged carpet:


Put your carpet on a flat surface. The carpet needs to be position correctly because of better efficiency and results of process. Consider appropriate space between carpet edges and wall corners. Allow the carpet remains in this position and slowly become completely flat with its weight for at least 24 to 28 hours. For some carpets, this time may exceed to several weeks.



By applying the following methods, you can help flattening process, if the carpet not become flat by itself:

  • Reverse carpet and roll it. This is called “reverse roll” or “roll back”. When rolling, carefully listen to the sound caused by fractures of the carpet. In the time of facing this problem, immediately stop rolling.
  • Place heavy objects such as furniture on top, letting it flatten with its weight on intended parts.
  • Tie the carpet corners with a two-sided carpet tape. This has a strong dual-side adhesion that works better in low-humidity condition.
  • For a couple of hours put your carpet in direct sunlight exposure with the temperature of 70-85 degrees centigrade. Most tensions of the carpet should be released in this environment. This is a good initiation to the reverse roll of carpet.
  • Is it suitable to use professional steam producing machines for steaming the carpet? Usually this is the best option for carpets with rough tensions.

Flatten the carpet where is has sufficient flat area.

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