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online carpet washing order-online furniture washing order

online carpet washing order,online furniture washing order

Online Carpet Washing Order
Online ferniture Washing order

Adib Carpet Washing Factory

Adib corporation was founded in Tehran in 1961. The company carries out carpet washing, carpet cleaning, furniture washing, as well as the sale of all the silk and exquisite handmade persian rugs. Adib is proud to receive certificates of consumer rights for many years in Iran

Modern Carpet Washing instrument

Carpet washing with best quality & modern instruments

Online Carpet & Upholstery Washing

If you’re looking for a environmentally-friendly cleaning options for your upholstery at residence or place of business, Order us, we will gently yet effectively clean your furniture with best materials and Modern instruments, expert personnel

Best Services

Wash the carpet equipped

All carpets are rugged or under different service conditions according to the standard. Carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning and carpet repair are done according to the rules of Islamic principles. Clean and rinse the carpet with Adib. Our goal is your satisfaction. Experience fantastic and nano-friendly services with Adib!


Regular service
Rugs and laundry services are provided on a regular basis each day. And dear customers can check the time of their service with the service for the exact time of their service.


A carpet with a history
During his 57 years of work experience, Adib has developed his services with the use of devices for the day. It should be noted that the factory performs all carpet cleaning, refinishing and … services under expert and efficient personnel.




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Is it possible for employees to collect carpets after office time?

Yes, the Adie’s second shift from 6:00 to 12:00 is ready for collecting carpets.

Delivery of carpets is a few days?

Delivery of carpets to be collected in the day shift. Working dyes and rugs that are collected at night are three business days.

Is the service guaranteed?

All carpet cleaning or carpet cleaning services are subject to written guarantee and warranty. It should be noted that the working day after the delivery of the carpet to dear customers, the quality control unit will be contacted by each customer, and information and customer satisfaction will be checked for the services. And in case of dissatisfaction, the relevant quality control unit will be carried out.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with carpet services or carpet cleaning?

If you are not satisfied with the carpet or carpet washing service, call the branch numbers.

Where to find the price of carpet and laundry services?

Click to see the price of carpet and laundry services. It should be noted that after the visit of the carpets, the price and type of washing and the price of washing of each carpet is announced by the expert. And the customer selects a washing machine to wash the plant’s agenda. It should be noted that the expert’s visit is completely free and if there is no cost for the customer.


Is the craftsmanship allowed?

The Adib carpet factory is the first authorized carpet in Tehran. You can visit the site of the gilding union and ask for permission to request permission for the carpet designer.


In which branches of the office are serviced in the office?

The Adib carpet factory has branches and services throughout the three provinces of Tehran, Alborz (Karaj) and Tabriz. It should be noted that the services are deployed from the nearest location to the customer’s address.


How many days ago should I order?

Usually, due to the high capacity of the Adib carpet factory, it can be ordered and served on the same day. But some days, capacity in some areas of services will be faster. It is therefore better to book your order the day before.