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Safely cleaning of leather upholstery | Adib Carpet Washing Factory
Safely cleaning of leather upholstery
adib carpet washing |carpet cleaning|cleaning ferniture
Cleaning juice contaminant from upholstery
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adib carpet washing |carpet cleaning|cleaning ferniture

Safely cleaning of leather upholstery

Since leather sofas are usually become dirty because of dust, body lotions and oils, they need to be clean at least twice a year. But since these sofas are made by natural leather, they cannot be washed with the same cleaning detergents of fabric made sofas. Cleaning chemicals can make severe damage to the upholstery, but using dissolving soap in water can bring a leather sofa to its original beauty.

Cleaning the leather made sofa in-house:

Aniline made leathers may clean with lower chance of success, since they are very delicate and water never used for their cleaning. A professional can easily clean aniline based leathers with special dry washing methods, but any other method will cause permanent damage on leather.

Fortunately, a lot of leather furniture has been washed several times by variety of procedures and now it’s easier to wash the leather sofa, although there is always a trial and error approach is necessary in the beginning of cleaning process. The cleaning solution should be tested on the sofa (on an area that is not visible). in the case of any damage such as changing in color and creation of hole the cleaning process must be stoped.

adib carpet washing |carpet cleaning|cleaning ferniture

Common cleaning procedures:

A leather sofa can be cleaned with dissolved soap in cool water. the process is as follow:

Put soap in a water bowl or use a wet cotton to create foam. The fabric should be clean and white, because the color spots can remain on the sofa and it is impossible to be cleaned in future. The using fabric should be slightly rough, since it is always wet, without any water drip.

This process should be repeated for each part. Then, let the sofa to be dry in front of the air. You can use the fan or open the window to speed up the drying process, but do not use the heater or hairdryer. When the sofa become totally dry, which usually lasts from 6 to 8 hours, you can use a leather softener.


Stain removing:

Leather extremely resists on some of spots cleaning. Fat contain spots like butter or oil can easily be removed with a white cloth. In most cases, any visible color or spot will simply disappear up to 24 hours. If the stain caused by high amount of liquids, using corn starch or baking soda on it may absorb the stain. In few hours, the powder will slowly disappear. Urine and blood can be easily eliminating by this way too.

The ink spots can be immediately removed by applying hair spray. If this method does not work, consult with a specialist of this area. Some types of ink are almost impossible to be clean by in-house  methods.

Some spots like mildew and food can be eliminated by using alcohol. A piece of cotton or sponge can be sprayed with alcohol and then gently rub on surface of spot. Allow the sofa to be completely dry, and if the stain has not removed completely, repeat this process.

Mix the same amount of water and white vinegar and apply slightly on stain using a clean fabric. Shoe dirt, food and beverages, and other stains, are usually cleaned by using this method.

Annually washing the leather made sofa will help keep them new branded. If spots are cleaned immediately, it’s unlikely that they will become permanent spots. With professional care of your furniture, you can use them for a long time.


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