White leather Sofa laundry at home
adib carpet washing |carpet cleaning|cleaning ferniture
Safely cleaning of leather upholstery

White leather Sofa laundry at home

Leather furniture has a stunning beauty and is a favorite of many people. In this article, ADIB carpet service company represents two easy and practical ways in washing white leather sofas in house.

Leather is a popular and durable material that is used in many products. Although the leather is tight material, its porous surface result to absorb many oils cause stains on. Especially white leather is very sensitive to stains and its cleaning process is harder than other colors. Periodical cleaning of leather furniture is highly recommended and it is best to wash your leather furniture at least once a month.


adib carpet washing |carpet cleaning|cleaning ferniture

Note: for cleaning leather made furniture use microfiber fabrics.


Leather made sofa’s washing:

First method:adib carpet washing |carpet cleaning|cleaning ferniture


Hot water, a few drops of dish-washing liquid and white vinegar mix. Use microfiber cloth to apply this mix on the furniture surfaces. Please not that the sofa not become wet since water and moisture damage the leather surface.


adib carpet washing |carpet cleaning|cleaning ferniture


Second method:

The second method, which is very common in European countries, is as follow:

mix ½ cup olive oil with ¼ cup vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on leather spots and let it remain for 5 minutes. Then use microfiber cloths piece to clean all the furniture.

Note: Never use bleach or ammonia based cleaning agents to wash white leather furniture, as it damages leather .


Note: If stains on leather are not disappeared by these methods, go to the online ADIB services, and use our special services in cleaning leather made furniture by special equipment.

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