How to remove gum from the carpet?
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How to remove gum from the carpet?

For removing gum from the carpet. we recommend the fast and easy method…

Apply ice mold:

Have you ever experienced of sticking of gum on the carpet? In carpet cleaning process, we try to use ice to remove the gum from the carpet and bring the carpet to its primary statue.


Place water in the fridge to become freeze.


To facilitate ice cubes removing from their place and apply them on surface of carpet use water.


Gently rub the cube ice on the mashed gum and then leave it for 1 minute. The chewing gum becomes rigid and you will be able to remove it from the carpet surface and clearing up your carpet successfully.


Carefully remove the gum without applying any pressure or stretching.

  • At this stage, if you were not able to remove gum easily, you can use methyl salicylate to remove gum residues. Then simply take a corner of the gum and remove it.

Rinse the spot with a mild detergent solution. Do not forget to apply warm water in the area of the gum stain after removing.


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