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Care of oriental carpets - Adib Carpet Washing Factory | کارخانه قالیشویی ادیب
Care of oriental carpets
Maintenance Of Handmade Carpet
Carpet cleaning- Elimination of puckers and bumps on the carpet

Care and use of carpets and oriental carpets


• Carpet at home to reduce the noise level and help to minimize heat loss from the floor. The use of mats for sleeping and sitting is much easier than hard wooden floor.
• It is natural that carpet cleaning is harder than wooden floors and … . Carpet may be stained with pouring drinks and to stain the carpet-cleaning services that they need to see and The level by collecting hair and fur rugs should be cleaned family pets . Carpets should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner dust.
• Dust can be a good Taro sink carpet fabric, Which can be used for people with asthma who are allergic to dust, problematic.
• Since Oriental carpets on the floor placed on the carpet pad, carpet and rugs Oriental life increases. The use of plastic foam is often the best method because it does not transfer color to the carpet or floor. (To below the base of the sofa or chair)
• Flip and hit the carpet at regular intervals makes the blurring dust (opacity) and continued to be distributed regularly on the carpet.
• Is Oriental carpets and other cotton and wool carpets from moth damage you maintain? Carpets periodically to see insect damage inspection.
• Light your carpet clean with a vacuum cleaner.
• Clean spilled liquids immediately. Quick cleaning your carpet, probably from the carpet to be stains, prevent.
• Pet training at home can greatly damage your carpets. Stains caused by urine usually can not be removed and your pets with chew carpet, hand-woven carpets popular for their great harm.
• Do not let the carpets are wet. If the carpets are wet, they should be dried in the shortest possible time. Use vacuum cleaners and fans can be effective in this matter.
• Do not let any long-lasting moisture to penetrate the carpet. For example, putting flowers on the carpet constantly rot or mold on the carpet will cause damage.
• Do you think that your carpet is clean while the case was dirty and Only by a professional with knowledge in the field of hand-made carpets are detectable? Is your washing machine or automatic Steam or any way else?

In such cases, do not hesitate to contact rug cleaning.
Do you have any damage such as tears or abrasion, you immediately restored?
If a carpet is torn or worn and had to be left behind, increasing the risk of injury goes up and as a result, you deplete the beauty of your carpet.. So as soon as possible to repair the rug cleaning submit your carpet. Remember that increasing the cost of future repairs to the carpet when restored, will prevent as well as to preserve the beauty and value beautiful carpet assist you.

In the Adib rug cleaning hand-woven carpets and rugs the best services in the field of expertise to offer your loved ones.

If you have any questions on this or other questions please contact the contact phone listed on the site. Our partners in the Adib carpet-cleaning company needs of 24 hours you are friends.

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