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Handmade carpets can be a life for centuries with preservation its quality and beauty, if it is maintained properly. For this purpose, we have considered key points that follow these concerns and will have a great impact on the life of your carpet.


The best way to deal with vermin is light and air. Using carpets are less prone to insects, but if the carpet is stored in stock, be sure for periodic visits take place.


Water is the best friend and worst enemy of the carpet. It is the best tool for cleaning of carpets and removing the tint or contaminants of woolen carpet without carpet color mixing. But leaving the wet carpet with no treatment is very unsafe for carpet life. Even the carpet with high color stability may become spoiled. But that is not means to fear in using handmade carpets in places such as bathroom or toilets. Only if the carpet was wet, dry it quickly. It can be dried by spread it in the open air or if it was cold, you can use a hair dryer. If the carpet is too wet, it is better to brush the carpet in the opposite direction of carpet sleeping while drying.


If burning or tearing damaged the carpet, contact the qualified specialist in this regard as soon as possible to fix the problem, since the damage may get worse over time. Each part of the carpet that is worn or damaged (even large holes) can be repair the carpet returns to its original beauty and quality.


Continuously rotate Carpet and rug until 2 sides equally exposed to sunlight and wear while drying. Use curtains on sunny days to reduce the effect of direct sunlight on the carpet.


Don’t use any nails or fastening hardware on top of carpet for hanging in a long time. Use special holders for hanging to properly and evenly dividing the carpet weight on two sides. The best way is to sew a piece of cloth tightly to the back of the carpet and then use the metal to attach the fabric on the wall. This makes a beautiful appearance of carpets as well as weight distribution is equal.


If you want a store the carpet in warehouse for a long time, use a piece of cloth or sheets for packaging and do not use vacuum plastic bags. Handmade carpets need to be in open air otherwise sometimes in sealed plastic bags become rot .For this, using naphthalene or tobacco (to be replaced every few months) prevent of damaging. The best method, of large carpets storing is to wrap it around a pillar. It is recommended to keep your carpets in a long time lay flat open on each other. Carpets in damp, warm and wet places shut not be store. This makes mildew, bad odor, discoloration and damaging of carpet. Do not store the carpet in the cupboard warm carpet because the strength and foundation will be damaged and the fabric becomes fragile.

Mashe Kirk (for downy carpets):

If the carpet used on the sofa, constantly displace it to other sites for the reason that specific part of the carpet is not only causing compression of the fluff out. If heavy furniture is placed on the carpet and its leg make the print, brush the area, then slightly moisture it water and again brush it with toothbrush.

Wool handmade carpet washing:

The beauty and durability of handmade carpets depends mainly on cleanliness and attention. Depending on the amount of using and the traffic volume, the carpet needs to be wash in the average of 3 to 5 years. This method is best when it looked dirty.


Do not wash carpet with chemicals or steam since it reduce the quality of carpet and leads to brittle of fibers. Don’t wash handmade carpets with washing machine. Do not move it with force and squeeze it. Do not immerse the carpet in to the water, except in case of emergency. Just clean the surface in most cases. The best way to wash, use cold water mild liquid detergent which should be done by a professional carpet washers, not at home.

Vacuum cleaner:

Do not vacuum the carpet roots. Vacuum suction of carpet roots leads to tearing and breaking the roots. Do not use the vacuum brush for handmade carpets.

Tint spots removing:

The following procedure illustrates a general way and may not use for special carpets due to the difference in colors and materials and different stains. If something is spilled on the carpet immediately act out to resolve it. Most of the material disappears without leaving stains if they clean quickly. Firstly remove the dirt with cloth or paper towel. Then remove the remain dirt with we tissue or cloth. It is better to put something under the carpet for appropriate the carpet airflow.

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