Requirements for maintenance of carpets
Carpet Washing

Carpet Washing

Requirements for maintenance of carpets can be divided into two general areas: quality of carpet maintenance is influenced by two issues. In relation As an example in moisturized environment, the carpet decay over the time and consequently result to map of weave of carpet. so special treatment must be considered in this condition for carpet regeneration.

1-carpet needs vacuuming weekly by manual or electric duster.

2. make sure for completely  drying of carpet while water or any paint has been pour on its surface. Dry it quickly and dont rub whit cloth to avoiding any damaging effects. in the case of arising any problem contact professional  carpet washing company.

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Maintenance and Washing of carpets:
Requirements for maintenance of carpets can be divided into two general areas: environmental conditions and terms of use. In relation to environmental conditions in environments where moisture carpet should be adhered to. Because moisture causes decay over time will warp and weave carpets.
In connection with the following conditions should also be considered.
3-the biggest  mistake that families regarding the use of paper or keeping your carpets is wet sponge and on the carpet shampoo combined major and minor smoke damage to carpets and rugs with moisture and thus when you The potential soil moisture shampoo so the bag mess on the carpet and cause decay of the compound and the second edge of the carpet causing disruption blond pus and necrosis (fade carpet) the carpet, and the edge of the carpet or a anything else to Thirdly for distinguish dirt and rinse out the inside of the bag while pulling the rug out dirt and dust from the carpet and would only shampoo the carpet used to make temporary veneer will be removed such that the carpet has been cleaned and eventually death will fester.
4. From the root to avoid under the carpet because this is the root cause of some folded carpet carpet warp break and cause it to rupture root carpets over 6 cm darning craftsman hand and ask her roots carpet if no two nodes, the node adds a double chain and fix it right.
Its use in the process of washing, carpet and services are grappling with many problems